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Those who embrace eating disorders

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help [Nov. 7th, 2006|08:22 pm]
Those who embrace eating disorders


[mood |depresseddepressed]

has anyone every felt like the worst person in the world while binging? i almost cried tonight while i was eating a sandwich when i knew right after that it was not gonna stay down. I cant stop it though, why cant i fix myself. i hate binging. i get on such a high kick and do so well but then give in a binge. i hate myself for it. Do i really gain more weight when i dont eat for a while and then just eat one thing? does that really all go traight to fat? i also was wondering- if i am determined how can i lose about 10 pounds in two weeks? i am willing to work out and drink only water. has anyone ever seen a change in that short period? i would like any help. i am at the breaking point. i need help, no one here understands me. I would appreciate anything from you guys! your the only ones i know are always here- thank you loves! xo